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Sex, Drugs, and Epigenome

Willam A. Seeds, MD

Our health, and the future of our wellbeing is so critical these days. Take your health into your own hands and learn about how you can up-regulate your metabolic health, your immune system, and your cell efficiency. The latest medical and science advancements are difficult to understand if you're not a professional in the space. This is a podcast dedicated to unpacking these health and wellness advancements in layman's terms, so that everyone can understand and be aware of the types of things that will help keep you healthy, and make you smarter, more energetic, and happier than ever before. Our Expert is Dr. Seeds, a board-certified surgeon practicing medicine for over 25 years, Founder and Chairman of the International Peptide Society, Faculty Developer and Lecturer of the A4M Peptide Certification Program, and leading Peptide therapy researcher. Chief of Surgery and Orthopedic Residency Site Director for University Hospital, Conneaut OH. Professional Medical Consultant for the NFL, NHL, MBL, NBA, and NBC’s Dancing With The Stars, and a husband and father of 3 (very active) sons.This podcast isn't just for the biohackers. It's for the moms and dads, the students, and everyone in between who is dedicated to educating themselves about their bodies, health, and longevity. Send any questions to

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