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Cellular Medicine Podcast

Willam A. Seeds, MD

When it comes to your health, it all begins and ends with the cell. This podcast is dedicated to all listeners who are looking beyond the biohacking, above the trendy health fads, and want to understand the science of actual wellbeing: through the cell and the return to efficiency. Our expert is William A Seeds MD, a board-certified surgeon practicing medicine for over 30 years, Founder and Chairman of the SSRP Institute, Faculty Developer and Lecturer of the A4M Peptide Certification Program, and leading Peptide therapy researcher. He is the Chief of Surgery and Orthopedic Residency Site Director for University Hospital, Conneaut OH. Professional Medical Consultant for the NFL, NHL, MBL, NBA, and NBC’s Dancing With The Stars, and a husband and father of 3 (very active) sons.Send any questions to info@seeds.md