Cellular Medicine Podcast

Episode 38 - Cicada Season Circadian Rhythms

June 09, 2021 Willam A. Seeds, MD Season 1 Episode 38
Cellular Medicine Podcast
Episode 38 - Cicada Season Circadian Rhythms
Show Notes

Circadian Rhythms regulate mechanisms of cellular function.

We repeat: Circadian rhythms regulate mechanisms of cellular function!

This is how we exist - day to night, night to day, your cells function appropriately-- when these pulses are interrupted, we may see loss in energy, mental clarity, and generally just the feeling of not being 100%.

We don't have to live one day functioning less than 100%.
We CAN and DO have the capability to live everyday at 100%.

The start-- understand the circadian rhythm, understand the main areas that keep it balanced, and live that 100% day every day.

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